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Yules is made up of Guillaume and Bertrand Charret. Without ever turning into musical stereotypes, the universe of Yules is first and foremost Anglo-American and reflects what the two sides of the Atlantic were able to produce with the most inspired songwriting from artists like Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.

They released their debut album The Release in 2007, followed by Strike A Balance in 2010. In 2014 they released I’m Your Man… Naked, a reworking of the Leonard Cohen album I’m Your Man. On Yules’ version the songs have been totally stripped bare: a folk guitar, an acoustic bass and a string quartet. In 2019, Yules returned to their own material with A Thousand Voices, released on their own label Marjan Records.

In 2020, Yules recorded a version of Cloudbusting for I Wanna Be Kate: The Songs Of Kate Bush – Remastered & Expanded.

In 2021, their latest album A Lonely Voice was released.


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