French rock band, founded in 1999. The band consists of James Bones (guitar, vocals), Franck Claise (bass) and Diego Hasselhof (electronic drums). They debuted in 2001 with the album ‘Ribcage Of A Pineapple Landscape’. It was followed by the albums ‘Feria’ (2002), ‘The Evening Fruit & Cars Of Darkness’ (2002), ‘The Constellation Of Man’ (2003), ‘When Money Was Love’ (2004), ‘Yukiko The Witch’ (2005), ‘Japanese Egg Timer’ (2009), ‘The Day It Snowed’ (2011), ‘Ribcage Of A Pineapple Landscape II’ (2015) and ‘Office Or The Cult’ (2015).

In 2016, they released a collection of cover songs called ‘Downgrades!’, including a cover version of Wuthering Heights.

The album ‘Lies Of A Minah Bird’ was released in 2018.