Catherine Debard has roots in Montreal’s experimental music scene, a community in which she has been actively involved for several years. Under the moniker YlangYlang, a solo project she has developed since 2012, Debard translates experiences, memories, emotions and senses into electronic sounds through a delicate balance of improvisation and composition.

She released her first albums ‘Ylangylang’ (2012) and ‘Neopaganism For Teenage Wanderers’ (2013) on cassette on the independent label Jeunesse Comique. In 2014 she released the albums ‘Am I Being Overdramatic?’ and ‘Blossom’, while also contributing a cover version of Delius (Song Of Summer) to the album Running Up That Hill: Kate Bush Covers For Reproductive Rights.

Between 2015 and 2017 she released five more albums. She has also created and produced video game soundtracks for Montreal artist Palgal, audio hypnosis sessions for Ascension Hypnosis, she has presented an audio installation at Centre Clark, Montreal, and has given many creative music workshops.

Debard has toured extensively in Canada, and has performed at international music festivals including Suoni Per Il Popolo, Mutek Montreal, Electric Eclectics, Strangewaves, Tone Deaf.

In 2018, she participated in a one-month residency at NES, in Skagaströnd, Iceland and then left for her first Europe tour.