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Born as Patrick Denis Apps in London (UK) on 30 June 1983. Wolf’s ongoing writing and recordings brought him to the attention of Fat Cat Records, who provided him with an Atari computer and a mixing console. During the recording of his debut album ‘Lycanthropy’ (2003), Wolf studied composition at Trinity College of Music for one year. The Germany-based Tomlab later released the album in America and Europe. His second album of 2005, ‘Wind in the Wires’, which was inspired by Patrick’s Cornish and Irish roots, was released on the same label and likewise met with critical acclaim.

Following the success of ‘Wind in the Wires’, Wolf signed a record deal with Loog in 2005 and began recording his third album, ‘The Magic Position’, which featured collaborations with Marianne Faithfull and Edward Larrikin of Larrikin Love. Wolf began work on his next album, initially titled ‘Battle’, immediately after ‘The Magic Position’ tour ended. The album was originally conceived as a political album. The focus then shifted to the depression experienced by Wolf during the tour. However, before entering the studio, he fell in love, changing the direction of the album again, and eventually providing enough material for two releases: ‘The Bachelor’ (2009) and ‘Lupercalia’ (2011)

Meanwhile, Wolf contributed a cover version of Army Dreamers to a 180 song benefit compilation of new and/or unreleased tunes by the Buffetlibre DJs and Amnesty International. During live shows he is known to perform Running Up That Hill regularly, too.

His next release was a double album entitled ‘Sundark and Riverlight’ (2012), celebrating Wolf’s 10 years as a recording artist. After this, he took the first sabbatical of his career. In June 2014, it was announced that Wolf would be composing the soundtrack for a film dramatising the early life of Noël Coward for B Good Picture Company. A year later, in August 2015, Wolf was struck by a car and seriously injured. In 2017, two live shows were announced for December, one in Dublin and one in London.