Why Should I Love You?

Song written by Kate Bush. Originally released on her seventh album The Red Shoes. Bush asked Prince to contribute background vocals to 'Why Should I Love You' in 1991. She sent him the track, which she had recorded at Abbey Road Studios (Studio Number One), London, England, and Prince added vocals, but also added many instrumental parts to the song, at his Paisley Park Studios. When Kate Bush and Del Palmer listened to Prince's returned track, they weren't sure what to do with it. They worked on it on and off for two years to try to "turn it back into a Kate Bush song". The track also features background vocals by British comedian Lenny Henry, a good friend of Kate's.


There are two versions of 'Why Should I Love You': the album version from 1993 and an outtake that was leaked on the internet almost twenty years later.

Cover versions

'Why Should I Love You' was covered by Particle Salad and Mike Scott.


Drums: Stuart Elliott
Keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals: Prince
Vocals: Lenny Henry
Tenor saxophone: Nigel Hitchcock
Trombone: Neil Sidwell
Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Steve Sidwell
Vocals: Trio Bulgarka
Keyboards: Kate
Arrangements by Prince and Kate

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