Under The Ivy: The Life & Music Of Kate Bush is a book written by Graeme Thomson. It was originally published on 1 May 2010, a revised and updated edition followed on 11 April 2012. According to the cover text: “The first ever in-depth study of one of the world’s most enigmatic artists, ‘Under The Ivy’ combines a wealth of new research with vigorous critical scrutiny. Featuring over 70 new interviews with those who have viewd from close quarters both the public artist and the private woman, this compelling biography offers numerous fresh perspectives on a unique and elusive talent.”

Critical response

According to a review in New Statesman, “This is a very badly written book. If Thomson were never allowed near a simile again, it would be a good thing for the English language. However, he has done a fantastic amount of research, is extremely sympathetic to his subject, and – when he is not being figurative – can hit on exactly the right thing to say.” Mojo added: “Mapping a path through the life of this enigmatic songwriter is not easy, but Graeme Thomson’s superb book manages to do just that.” The Anti-Room wrote: “Apart from the sheer wealth of information – from studio recordings, to childhood trivia, music critic Graeme Thompson has vast knowledge of his subject. His enthusiasm and general interest are part of the reason this is such an engaging read. Media perceptions of Kate as fey or eccentric are challenged and the stories he has gleaned from countless sources shape a more accurate picture of a fascinating creative talent. A must-read for fans and recommended for any fans of biography.” Classic Prog Rock: “It’s certainly a book that will keep Kate’s very many fans pretty happy for some time to come.” And finally, the Irish Times: “The best music biography in perhaps the past decade… an absorbing, painstakingly researched and downright fascinating book…. After this magnificent read… you will come to appreciate her work that bit more. And if that isn’t the point of music biography, what is?”