Under The Ivy

Kate Bush performing 'Under The Ivy' in The Tube, 19 March 1986

Kate Bush performing 'Under The Ivy' in The Tube, 19 March 1986

Song written by Kate Bush. Originally released as the B-side of the single Running Up That Hill in 1985.


Kate performed 'Under The Ivy' on television just once. It was a live performance of the song, with Kate singing and playing the grand piano at Abbey Road Studios in London, broadcast on 19 March 1986 in the 100th episode of The Tube.

Cover versions

'Under The Ivy' was covered by Philip Caldwell, Mila Drumke, E-Clypse featuring Emma Price, Kyla, Gene Manuel, Society Islands, Terra and Wasp Summer.

Kate about 'Under The Ivy'

'Under The Ivy' we did in our studio in just an afternoon. (Peter Swales, 'Kate Bush'. Musician, Fall 1985)

It's very much a song about someone who is sneaking away from a party to meet someone elusively, secretly, and to possibly make love with them, or just to communicate, but it's secret, and it's something they used to do and that they won't be able to do again. It's about a nostalgic, revisited moment. (...) I think it's sad because it's about someone who is recalling a moment when perhaps they used to do it when they were innocent and when they were children, and it's something that they're having to sneak away to do privately now as adults. (Doug Alan interview, 20 November 1985)

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