Uncut is a monthly magazine based in London. It is available across the English-speaking world, and focuses on music, but also includes film and books sections. The magazine was launched in May 1997 by IPC. In 2019, TI Media, successor to IPC, sold NME and Uncut to Singaporean company BandLab Technologies. BandLab Technologies became the Caldecott Music Group in 2021 and split itself into three sub-units called BandLab Technologies, Vista Musical Instruments and NME Networks, with the latter group continuing to publish Uncut. In May 2023, NME Networks sold Uncut’s print and digital assets to Kelsey Media.

Magazine covers and features

Kate Bush has been featured on the cover of the magazine on different occasions. Here’s a listing of covers and features:

  • Issue 157 (June 2010): The inside story of Hounds Of Love.
  • Issue 274 (March 2020): Twelve page special
  • Issue 299 (April 2022): Kate Bush unbound
  • Issue 316 (September 2023): Untold stories of her 40 greatest songs