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American indie rock band, initially formed as a side project of The Afghan Whigs leader Greg Dulli in 1997. After the Afghan Whigs disbanded in 2000, Dulli used The Twilight Singers as his own artistic vehicle. Having already recorded demo´s in 1997 and 1998, Dulli and his band members reworked them for the debut album ‘Twilight As Played By The Twilight Singers’, released in September 2000. The band toured with members of Howlin’ Maggie and former Afghan Whigs’ drummer, Michael Horrigan, on bass.

Dulli took time off following the short tour for Twilight, investing in a bar in Los Angeles. In 2001, he began working on the second album, tentatively titled Amber Headlights. The death of Dulli’s friend, director Ted Demme in January 2002, forced him to shelve the project, and he took a second leave from writing and recording. After reading the Jack London book Martin Eden, and experiencing an earthquake, Dulli set about writing the concept album that became ‘Blackberry Belle’ (2003). With a large cast of performers, including former Prince protégé Apollonia and former Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan, ‘Blackberry Belle’ became an examination of the dark side of love and loss, a familiar topic revisited from former Afghan Whigs albums like ‘Black Love’. A second touring version of The Twilight Singers including Jon Skibic (guitars), Scott Ford (bass), John Nooney (keys) and Bobby Macintyre (drums), made two legs through the United States and Europe in 2003 and 2004.

In August 2004, the band released their third album, ‘She Loves You’, a collection of cover songs from artists as varied as Fleetwood Mac, Mary J. Blige, Björk, and George Gershwin. A version of Cloudbusting was rumoured to be included on the album as well, but it did not appear in the end. However, the band did play the song live on numerous occasions since then.

The Twilight Singers released ‘Powder Burns’ in 2006, supported by tours in the United States, Europe, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand. The third touring version of The Twilight Singers included Dave Rosser, (guitars), Scott Ford (bass), singer/songwriter Jeff Klein (keys) and Bobby Macintyre (drums). Mark Lanegan also toured with the group.

Greg Dulli completed work on the fifth Twilight Singers album, entitled ‘Dynamite Steps’, in late 2010. It was released in February 2011.