The TM Collective is a group of artists based in New Jersey, which releases a series of covers and tribute albums. Their first release was ‘Eagles/Desperado’, featuring 21 cover versions of songs by the Eagles. This was followed by an album of covers of Tom Petty songs. In March 2018 they released ‘Hounds Of Love/The Sensual World’, an album that features cover versions of all the tracks from the albums Hounds Of Love and The Sensual World. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Running Up That Hill by Eytan Mirsky
  2. Hounds Of Love by Ted Kissell
  3. The Big Sky by Scott Roberts
  4. Mother Stands For Comfort by Mark McCrite
  5. Cloudbusting by All The Books In The Library
  6. And Dream Of Sheep by C. Scott Davis
  7. Under Ice by Scott Sutherland
  8. Waking The Witch by Toby Richards
  9. Watching You Without Me by Sara and Michael
  10. Jig Of Life by Jessica Hebert
  11. Hello Earth by Paul Melancon and Zoenda McIntosh
  12. The Morning Fog by Tobbe
  13. The Sensual World by Bobby Brogan
  14. Love And Anger by Gayle Graizzaro
  15. The Fog by Rob Solomon
  16. Reaching Out by Sara Depp
  17. Heads We’re Dancing by Shulu Drop
  18. Deeper Understanding by Christian Lipski
  19. Between A Man And A Woman by John and Sara
  20. Never Be Mine by Lynsey Moon
  21. Rocket’s Tail by Tim King
  22. This Woman’s Work by Wendi Dunlap

Further tribute albums were dedicated to Joe Jackson, Prince and The Cars, among others.