Born as Tiffany Renee Darwish in Norwalk, California (USA) on 2 October 1971. Her parents divorced when she was 14 months old. She began singing at age four and debuted at age 10 when she performed with country music singer Jack Reeves in Chino, California. In 1984 she signed a recording contract after George Tobin heard a demo. Her debut album ‘Tiffany’ was released in 1987, but the first single, ‘Danny’ failed to chart. Tobin sent Tiffany on a nationwide tour of shopping malls. Her second single, a cover version of Tommy James & the Shondells’ hit ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ became a number one hit in the USA and a huge success worldwide. Subsequent singles ‘Could’ve Been’ and ‘I Saw Him Standing There’ didn’t match the success but still charted in various territories.

In 1988, at the peak of her popularity, Tiffany ended up in the middle of a conflict in which Tobin was embroiled with her mother and stepfather over control of her career and earnings. This led to a court fight which included Tiffany’s attempt to have herself declared an emancipated minor. This was rejected by the court, but the judge did allow her to move out of her mother’s home due to obvious conflicts, and her grandmother (who supported and sided with Tiffany during the trial) became her temporary guardian. These legal battles took a toll on the singer’s career.

The second album ‘Hold An Old Friend’s Hand’ still went platinum, but didn’t match the success of her debut album. During the 1990’s her music career took a sudden turn as she moved away from dance-pop and towards rock and rap. In 1995, Tiffany moved to Nashville with plans to develop her career as a songwriter, as well as to make a return as a country music artist.

The album ‘The Color Of Silence’ (2000) was the first result of her endeavours, but, like all albums that followed, it failed to chart. In 2002, Tiffany posed nude in the April issue of Playboy. She also appeared on the short-lived sitcom ‘That ’80s Show’ as Candy, an employee of a punk nightclub called Chaos.

In April 2007, Tiffany released a new album of cover material titled ‘I Think We’re Alone Now: ’80s Hits and More’, featuring updated versions of her first three top ten hits from her debut album, as well as cover versions of songs from other artists of the 1980s. A digital re-release of the album in 2011 featured a cover version of Running Up That Hill – in an original version and a trance remix.

In 2008, Tiffany starred in the short film ‘The Isolationist’, which made the film-festival rounds. Her character, Barbara Newman, is a sexually-aggressive woman unwilling to let a co-worker enjoy some alone time. In 2009, she completed work on her first feature film, ‘Necrosis’, which was released internationally as ‘Blood Snow’. It was a psychological thriller in which she starred alongside James Kyson Lee and George Stults. In the film, she acted out the role of Karen, a fun-loving adrenaline junkie who took matters into her own hands after a blizzard had trapped her friends and her in a cabin, and paranoia got the best of them.

The 2008 documentary ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ was about two fans of Tiffany who both claimed to be in love with her and had been labeled “stalkers” by the media. The program followed them through their lives as they discussed the source of their obsession.

In 2011, Tiffany teamed up with fellow 1980s pop music sensation Debbie Gibson for a summer concert tour titled ‘Journey Through the ’80’s’. They performed their own hits as well as cover versions of other acts. Tiffany opened a clothing boutique in Nashville and appeared on TLC’s fashion show ‘What Not To Wear’ in 2012.

In 2011, she released her country-pop album ‘Rose Tattoo’. Her 2016 critically acclaimed ‘A Million Miles’ marked the first time Tiffany had been a co-producer on her own record. As a writer and co-producer on her 10th studio album, ‘Pieces Of Me’, Tiffany fused elements of rock and pop, while still showcasing her trademark tendency for big radio friendly choruses. She has sold more than 15 million albums to date.