Compilation box set, released on 22 October 1990. It comprises the six albums released by Kate Bush until then, with two additional albums of B-sides, rarities and remixes. The two rarities discs were never released officially as album separately from the box set, although certain shops were selling discs individually.

Track listing

The box set consists of the following albums:-

  1. The Kick Inside
  2. Lionheart
  3. Never For Ever
  4. The Dreaming
  5. Hounds Of Love
  6. The Sensual World
  7. This Woman’s Work Volume 1
  8. This Woman’s Work Volume 2


‘This Woman’s Work: Anthology 1978-1990’ was released as a cd box set (8 discs), a vinyl box set (9 discs) and a cassette box set (8 tapes).