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The Synclavier System was an early digital synthesizer, polyphonic digital sampling system, and music workstation manufactured by New England Digital Corporation of Norwich, Vermont, USA. The original design and development of the Synclavier prototype occurred at Dartmouth College with the collaboration of Professor Jon Appleton, Professor of Digital Electronics, Sydney A. Alonso, and Cameron Jones, a software programmer and student at Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering.

First released in 1977–78, it proved to be highly influential among both electronic music composers and music producers, including Mike Thorne, an early adopter from the commercial world, due to its versatility, its cutting-edge technology, and distinctive sounds. The early Synclavier Digital Synthesizer used FM synthesis, licensed from Yamaha, and was sold mostly to universities. The initial models had only a computer and synthesis modules, later models added a musical keyboard and control panel.

Dave Lawson played the Synclavier on Kate’s songs Suspended In Gaffa and There Goes A Tenner.


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