Hamish Brown and Andrew Eaton formed Swimmer One in 2002. Laura Cameron Lewis joined the line-up in 2007. Another key contributor is Daniel Warren, who was responsible for the band’s artwork and music videos.

Swimmer One wrote and recorded their experimental pop songs in a studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. They released two albums, ‘The Regional Variations’ (2007) and ‘Dead Orchestras’ (2010) as well as several singles. In 2004, they released a cover version of Cloudbusting, which also included elements of ‘Lovesong’ by the Cure.

From 2011 to 2013 Swimmer One worked with director Cora Bissett and playwright David Greig on a major theatre project called ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’, which brought together new work by over 20 of Scotland’s most distinctive writers and musicians, all of whom were invited to create something inspired by the hours between midnight and 4am. This resulted in a live theatre show directed by Cora Bissett, premiered at the Arches, Glasgow in June 2012, a feature film directed by Daniel Warren premiered at Summerhall, Edinburgh in August 2012, a 16-track album released on Biphonic Records and an accompanying book. In 2014 Swimmer One reunited with David Greig to create an Edinburgh Fringe show called All Back To Bowie’s, a mix of debate, polemic, poetry and music inspired by the Scottish independence referendum.