Paul Spong started playing trumpet with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Great Britain, and The European Youth Jazz Orchestra. Subsequently, he started playing salsa and Samba with Onward International and Sonido de Londres, leaving them to join Machito for a European tour and album recording. He then toured and recorded an album with Shorty Rodgers (and his big band), who later became a great friend and influence.

Paul started working in motion pictures at this time, appearing and playing in the Paul McCartney Film, ‘Give my regards to Broad Street’. This was followed by playing on the Francis Ford Coppolla Film ‘Tucker’. Paul then joined Wham! At the start of their career, recording ‘Wake me up before you go-go’ and touring with them until they split in 1985. Paul recorded the album ‘Ice On Fire’ with Elton John and appeared at Live Aid with Elton and George Michael. Paul started touring with Elton John, recording the ‘Live in Australia, with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’ album. He joined a new group, Wet Wet Wet and stayed with them for 10 years.

In 1992, Paul got married and moved to New York. He played on Broadway in the musical ‘Crazy For You’ and performed ‘Quadrophenia’ with The Who at Madison Square Garden and Hyde Park. In 1996 Paul moved back to the UK and Carried on working as a freelance session player playing for TV shows and Pop records and movie soundtracks.

Paul then joined Robbie Williams at the Brit Awards in 1999 and continues to record and tour with Robbie including Live at Knebworth in Summer 2003. Early in 2001 Paul started his career as a Music Supervisor on the film ‘Shoreditch’.

For Kate Bush, Paul played the trumpet on the songs Rubberband Girl, Constellation Of The Heart, Eat The Music and Why Should I Love You?