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‘Speed Of Sound’ is a song by British rock band Coldplay. It was written by all members of the band for their third studio album, X&Y (2005). It was released by Parlophone Records as the lead single from the album.

In an interview, Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin revealed that the song was written in mid-2004 and was inspired by Martin’s daughter, Apple, and Kate Bush.

That’s a song where we were listening to a lot of Kate Bush last summer, and we wanted a song which had a lot of tom-toms in it. I just had my daughter up also, and was kind of feeling in a sense of awe and wonderment, so the song is kind of a Kate Bush song about miracles.

Coldplay’s ‘Speed Of Sound’ Inspired Partly By Fatherhood‘. Yahoo! Music News. 31 May 2005.

The drumbeat of the song was inspired by Bush’s 1985 song Running Up That Hill. In a separate interview, bassist Guy Berryman said:

We were really trying to recreate the drums on that song for this song, and the chords. Some bands are reluctant to admit that they take things from other artists and bands that they listen to and we’re shameless in that respect, we don’t mind telling.

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