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Soft Fruit is a 1999 comedy drama film. It is an Australian American co-production produced by New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion and directed by Christina Andreef.

Four adult children reconvene in the steel-town of Port Kembla when their mother Patsy becomes terminally ill. The family includes sisters Josie, Nadia, and Vera, lone son Bo, and father Vic. It is the first time in eight years that all of the family has been under the same roof. Josie, herself a mother, is coming from San Diego in the U.S., while ex-con Bo is coming from prison. Nadia is having an affair with her ex-husband, and Vera is the shy one of the family.

In one scene, one of the daughters lip synchs to Wuthering Heights while performing the same dance routine known from the ‘red dress’ version of Kate’s music video.

‘Wuthering Heights’ appears on the soundtrack CD of Soft Fruit, released by Best Boy in 1999.


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