‘Snowflake’ is a song written by Kate Bush. It was originally released on her tenth studio album 50 Words For Snow in 2011.

The track details the birth of a snowflake in the clouds until it falls down onto the ground or into a person’s hand. It features Kate’s son Albert on lead vocals.

Kate about ‘Snowflake’

When I wrote the song it was something that I wrote specifically for him and for his voice, and I guess there was a very strong parallel in my mind between the idea of this transient little snowflake and the fact that Bertie at this point… still has a really beautiful high, pure voice which soon he will lose… there seems to be this sort of link between the brief time that his voice will be like this and the brevity of the snowflake.
I think his performance on this is really powerful, and obviously I’m quite biased because I’m his mother. But it’s interesting how many people have reacted so powerfully to his performance, it’s, you know, I think it’s really something.

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Lead vocals: Albert McIntosh
Chorus vocal: Kate
Drums: Steve Gadd
Bass: Del Palmer
Guitars: Dan McIntosh
Piano, basses: Kate