Smash Hits was a British music magazine aimed at young adults, originally published by EMAP. It ran from 1978 to 2006.

Created by journalist Nick Logan, the magazine was launched in 1978 and appeared monthly for its first few issues. He based the idea on a songwords magazine that his sister used to buy, but which was of poor quality. His idea was to launch a glossy-looking magazine which also contained songwords as its mainstay.

The magazine’s sales peaked during the late 1980s. In the early part of the decade it was regularly selling 500,000 copies per issue, which had risen to over one million by 1989. Sales began to drop during the 1990s and by 1996 it was reported that sales were dropping roughly 100,000 per year. By the time of its demise, it was down to 120,000.

Magazine covers

Kate Bush appeared on the cover of Smash Hits only once, on the May 15-28, 1980 issue. The magazine did print her song lyrics on several occasions and devoted a handful of articles on her as well.


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