The Single File 1978-1983 is a box set released on 23 January 1984, containing all of Kate Bush’s 7″ singles from Wuthering Heights (1978) to There Goes A Tenner (1983), plus the 7″ for Ne T’enfuis Pas, which until then had not been released in the UK. The set also included a lyric booklet with four photographs. 

Track listing

The box set included the following 7″ singles:

  1. Wuthering Heights / Kite
  2. The Man With The Child In His Eyes / Moving
  3. Hammer Horror / Coffee Homeground
  4. Wow / Fullhouse
  5. On Stage EP
  6. Breathing / The Empty Bullring
  7. Babooshka / Ran Tan Waltz
  8. Army Dreamers / Delius (Song Of Summer), Passing Through Air
  9. December Will Be Magic Again / Warm And Soothing
  10. Sat In Your Lap / Lord Of The Reedy River
  11. The Dreaming / Dreamtime
  12. There Goes A Tenner / Ne T’enfuis Pas
  13. Ne T’enfuis Pas / Un Baiser d’Enfant


In the USA, The Single File 1978-1983 was released as a limited numbered edition, whereas in the UK and Europe there was an unnumbered and, so it would seem, unlimited edition.