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Silvermoths was founded by Emma Churchley, a songwriter and clasically trained multi instrumentalist.  The band bring her songs to magical life and their own uniqueness to live performances. Kaziu Gill on guitar and vocals is a producer and songwriter,  Rylan Holey who is half Vietnamese is a classically trained cellist and accomplished singer. Bassist Stephen Maud is half Chilean and from a jazz background with numerous musical projects around London.

Percussion varies between Kate Whitaker (a classically trained timpanist), Nicky Francis (of Goldheart Assembly) adding his epic Tribal beats  and recently Felix Matthews on full drum kit.

In a small make shift studio in West London,  their first songs were recorded by Emma and Kaziu as they played layer upon layer using instruments surrounding them. As a live band, they fit as many interesting instruments as possible on stage.

In 2010, they released the single ‘Superhero’, which featured a cover version of Army Dreamers as an extra track. After the released of the EP ‘Unfold’ in 2011, the band soldiered on until 2014, after which they folded.


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