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Shishigokoro (ししごころ) is a Japanese band, especially formed to perform Kate Bush songs. The band consists of Tamao (lead vocals), Yuko Tsuchiya (keyboards), Kumiko Kajiyama (keyboards), Liliko (backing vocals), Junko Minobe (violin, keyboards), Mitsuru Aketagawa (bass), Tatsuo Inoue (guitar) and Akihisa Nakamura (guest vocals).

Their first live performance took place at the Silver Elephant in Tokyo on 18 November 2000. After a long period of silence, the band performed for the second time on 6 May 2012, also in Tokyo – this time together with a Peter Gabriel cover band. A third performance followed in April 2013, and a fourth on 7 June 2014.

During their live shows they played versions of All We Ever Look For, And Dream Of Sheep, Army Dreamers, Babooshka, The Big Sky, Breathing, Don’t Give Up, Don’t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake, The Dreaming, Egypt, Fullhouse, King Of The Mountain, Kite, L’Amour Looks Something Like You, Love And Anger, The Man With The Child In His Eyes, Moving, Night Of The Swallow, Night Scented Stock, Oh England My Lionheart, Rubberband Girl, Running Up That Hill, Sat In Your Lap, The Sensual World, Snowed In At Wheeler Street, Suspended In Gaffa, Symphony In Blue, Them Heavy People, Violin, Wow and Wuthering Heights.

No recordings of their live shows are known to exist.