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Birgit Schuurman was born in Utrecht on 1 July 1977. She is the younger sister of Katja Schuurman, who is a successful actress and TV presenter in the Netherlands. Birgit started her singing career several years before her graduation. Her first attempt to break into the music business was with some unsuccessful R&B and Dance projects. She also sang in the band Jeunes Turcs alongside Katja in 1995.

In 1999, she released the singles ‘A Little Famous’ and ‘Maybe the Wine’, which were minor hits. That same year, she started to present a television program on Fox Kids. Her final breakthrough followed in 2001 with her song ‘I Know’, and the album ‘Few Like Me’. In September 2003 she signed to a new record label at Purple Eye Entertainment, before releasing her single ‘Everybody Wants to Be’.

At the end of 2004 Birgit performed in the musical ‘De Jantjes’. She went on to star in the Lieve Lust series that debuted in August 2005 at the then-launched television station Talpa; both proved to be short-lived. During this period Birgit released her album ‘Sticky Tales’. This album featured a cover version of Wuthering Heights.

In 2008, she married Arne Toonen. They have a son Chico, born on 29 June 2009.