Book written by Tom Doyle. Comprising fifty chapters or ‘visions’, the book is a multi-faceted biography of Kate Bush, viewing her life and work from different angles. A key ingredient of the book is a lengthy interview Tom had with Kate in 2005, after the release of her album Aerial. The book also includes comments and guest testimonies from John Carder Bush, David Gilmour, John Lydon and Guido Harari.

Critical response wrote: “This episodic approach works well and there’s no attempt to delve into Bush’s personal life or work out what she was up to during the wilderness years of 1993 to 2005 (in all likelihood, not a lot, other than making Aerial and bringing up her only child Bertie). The less you know about Kate’s work, the more you’ll enjoy this book, but even familiar stories or well-worn anecdotes come to life because Doyle clearly covered so much ground during that 2005 interview. He regularly has the ace up his sleeve of always having a direct quote to hand, because he asked her about it at the time.” The Guardian offered: “What keeps 50 Visions from being a cheery, dip-in-at-will Bushopedia is the exhausting, overly detailed sections on her music-making process.”