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Justin Roberts began his music career as the founder member of Minneapolis modern-folk legends, Pimentos for Gus. He decided  to  “moonlight”  as  a  Montessori  preschool  teacher, and  it  wasn’t  long  before  Justin  began  writing  and  singing songs for his students. The kids inspired him to record a few of his songs and send them out to friends for Christmas. One of the recipients was Liam Davis, a music producer who suggested they record the tracks professionally. This brought forth the album ‘Great Big Sun’, released in 1997. Since then, he has released 13 family-oriented albums.

In 1998, he contributed a cover version of You’re The One to the fan-made compilation album I Wanna Be Kate.

In 2014, Roberts composed a musical based on Hansel & Gretel, produced a cast recording of that show, and published his first picture book, ‘The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade’ (illustrated by Christian Robinson). In 2015, Roberts also created a theatrical concert experience entitled ‘The Mysterious Hat’ which debuted at the New Victory Theater in New York City.