Born on 2 May 1956 in London, David Rhodes attended art school, where he developed an interest in music. Shortly after graduation, he began recording and was a founding member of the rock band Random Hold, in which he performed vocals and lead guitar. He was soon asked to play with Peter Gabriel. His first appearance was on 1980’s ‘Peter Gabriel’ (also referred to as ‘Melt’), Gabriel’s third studio album. Rhodes has been the principal studio and touring guitarist for Gabriel since then.

In 2009, he released his first studio album, ‘Bittersweet’. The progressive rock album was the product of a long and complex writing process involving numerous layered instrumental tracks and effects, and non-standard guitar tunings. Rhodes developed the songs over the course of several years before recording them. He embarked on occasional short tours with bassist Charlie Jones and drummer Ged Lynch in support of ‘Bittersweet’ in the following years.

When Rhodes decided to return to the recording studio in 2013, he, Jones, and Lynch envisioned recreating the dynamic they had established on the road for a new album. The trio rehearsed at the recording studio and then laid the instrumental tracks in five days. After vocal tracks and other production were completed, ‘Rhodes’ was released. Rhodes returned to road, performing in support of the new album with Lynch and Welch bassist Gaz Williams.

In October 2013, he was asked to join the band for Kate Bush’s live shows Before The Dawn that would take place a year later. The first rehearsals took place in March 2014 with Kate, John Giblin and Rhodes. Band rehearsals started in April 2014. The live shows were recorded and released as Before The Dawn in November 2016.