Unofficial album, containing a selection of fanmade and unofficial remixes of Kate Bush tracks.

Track listing

The album consists of the following tracks:

  1. King Of The Mountain (Radioslave Remix)
  2. Running Up That Hill (Russian Adults Remix)
  3. This Woman’s Work (The Pain Remix)
  4. Under Ice (G.C.M. Unfinished Mix)
  5. Wuthering Heights (DJ Ozyboy 2016 Rework)
  6. Deal With God (Late Night Tuff Guy Edit)
  7. Cloudbusting (Orkidea Remix)
  8. Hawaii Sunrise (Bertie Blissout Mix)
  9. Never Be Mine (Eric Gardonniere Remix 2011)
  10. Games Without Frontiers (Wukimon Remix) (with Peter Gabriel)
  11. Sunset (The Dervish NL Blackbird Remix)
  12. This Woman’s Work (Echoes Remix)
  13. Running Up That Hill (The Captain Tez Reggae Remix)


‘Remix Collection Part 3’ was released on CD only.