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Razzmatazz was a music-based children’s television programme that ran on ITV between 2 June 1981 and 2 January 1987. The programme featured games such as Popscotch (where children hopped across a board of squares with pop stars pictures on it to answer pop related questions). In later series games like the tongue twister game where contestants had to open a folder and read a very long complex paragraph mostly focused around the words ‘Peggy Babcock’ who was a female pirate who oversaw the game, though she was only a drawing. Contestants did this against the clock. Later Write Razz Right! replaced the tongue twister game and, again against the clock, contestants would have to write the name of the quizz a number of times in yellow on a black background (yellow and black were the show’s colours at this point) to win.

There were many musical guests in the programme as well. On 14 July 1981 Kate Bush appeared on Razzmatazz for an interview about her new single and music video Sat In Your Lap.

Kate appeared in the programme again on 21 September 1982 to do a lipsynched performance of There Goes A Tenner.