Pyewacket was a feline member of Kate’s household during the late Seventies and Eighties. With fellow cat Zoodle, he was the subject of a comic strip Kate drew for the Kate Bush Club Newsletter.

Kate about Pyewacket

I don’t know where the name Pyewacket came from – it just seemed a good idea at the time, as they say. We actually call her Pye.

KBC 3, 1979

Zoodle and Pye are – I think you call them “moggies” One is black with one little white toe and the other one is black and white.

KBC 5, 1980

A few months ago we adopted a stray, feeding her and letting her live in the garage, and she had three kittens. We now have the 3 kittens. They are called Rocket, Sparky and Torchy. And although Pye didn’t like them all at first, they all get on really well now, and we find them cuddled up on a chair together when we get in. They’re such good company for her, and they all have such different personalities. It’s so entertaining just sitting watching them play. It’s bringing out the kitten in Pye: I’ve noticed her springing across the floor and leaping onto ledges that are far too small for her. She does things she hasn’t tried for years and seems to be enjoying it all. I guess we’re all young at heart, but sometimes it takes something to rediscover it!

KBC 21, 1987