The idea of the Monthly Tribute Series on PRF is that a band or artist is picked at the start of the month. Musicians have the full month to record songs by that band, or about that band, or in the style of the band. At the end of the month, there is a vote for the top three recordings. The winning entry selects the next month’s band.

The tradition started in July 2014 and continues until now.

The April 2017 edition was dedicated to Kate Bush. It featured the following cover versions:

  1. The Sensual World by GazeBot
  2. Watching You Without Me by Paraquat
  3. Be Kind To My Mistakes by Situations
  4. Sat In Your Lap by Korean Jeans
  5. Pi by Hench
  6. Suspended in Gaffa by Etch
  7. Cloudbusting by Little Beards
  8. Army Dreamers by Situations
  9. Deal With God by Mine Haha
  10. And So Is Love by Randy & the Eternities
  11. Pi by Cut-out Wytch
  12. Army Dreamers by Shut Beak
  13. Don’t Give Up by Swallows Nest
  14. Rubberband Girl by The Five Mod Four
  15. Hounds Of Love by Dixie