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Born as Guilhem Gallart in Toulouse (France) on 7 March 1973, he left for Marseille at the age of 19. There he met other artists who would mark his career: DJ Djel, Le Rat Luciano, Sat l’Artificier, Menzo and Fellaga. Together, they created the group, the Fonky Family in 1994. Their first album, ‘Si Dieu Veut…’ in 1998. The band members went their separate ways in 2007, with each now pursuing a solo career.

In 2015, Pone experienced health problems and a series of medical examinations revealed that he suffered from ALS. In 2018, in response to the lack of information from the public about Charcot’s disease (ALS), as well as a desire to educate those affected, Pone created the website ‘ALS for Dummies’. 

At the beginning of 2019, Pone found a taste for production again, so he launched into the production of new instrumentals, using eye tracking technology to compose and build his intricate compositions on a computer screen. In September 2019, he released ‘Kate & Me’, a free download album based entirely on samples of songs by Kate Bush.

Kate about Pone

Dear Guilhem, I’ve only just become aware of your album, ‘Kate and Me’. I listened to it tonight and it blew me away. It’s very difficult to put into words how moved I am by this work and how great my admiration is for you. The challenges you have overcome in order to accomplish this creation are simply astounding. You absolutely have my blessing if you want to release this album in order to raise money for your charity. Wishing you every success with all your projects. With very best wishes, Kate Bush. (Pone Facebook page, 17 July 2020)