‘The Phoenix Recordings’ is an unofficial album release, supposedly released in Japan, featuring 22 demos recorded in the 1970’s by Kate Bush.
The title of this release comes from the fact that these demos were originally broadcast on Phoenix radio station KSTM by former EMI employee John Dixon.

Track listing

The album features the following tracks:

  1. The Kick Inside (Brother)
  2. Hammer Horror
  3. It Hurts Me
  4. Stranded At The Moonbase
  5. Kashka From Baghdad
  6. Surrender Into The Roses
  7. Oh To Be In Love
  8. Rinfy the Gypsy
  9. On Fire Inside A Snowball
  10. Dali
  11. Where Are The Lionhearts
  12. Violin
  13. The Craft Of Life
  14. The Gay Farewell
  15. Something Like A Song
  16. Frightened Eyes
  17. Disbelieving Angel
  18. Nevertheless You’ll Do
  19. Come Closer To Me Babe
  20. So Soft
  21. Pick The Rare Flower
  22. While Davy Dozed


‘The Phoenix Recordings’ was released on CD only.

'The Phoenix Recordings' - CD cover
‘The Phoenix Recordings’ – CD cover