Active since his college years as a Jazz Studies major at the University of Michigan, Perhapsy is the solo project of musician/graphic-artist Derek Barber, guitarist and songwriter of Bay Area-based groups Curls (Christopher Owens of Girls). Although he’s lived in California for several years, Derek Barber is a midwesterner at heart.

Aside from his work as the frontman for Perhapsy, Barber is rightfully acclaimed for his guitar playing with Madeline Kenney, Bells Atlas, and Astronauts, etc.

In January 2016, Perhapsy released the single ‘All my soul swallowed’. In March 2016 the album ‘Me Tie Dough-ty Walker’ followed. In October 2016, Perhapsy contributed a cover version of Hounds Of Love to the ‘Non•market Comp 2′ compilation album.

The EP ‘THE’ was released in March 2017.

Barber is currently finishing his third full length album to be released in 2018.