‘Passing Through Air’ is an unofficial album featuring 19 tracks from various sources – mostly B-sides and a few live tracks. It was released by Rock Solid in the USA.

Track listing

The album features the following tracks:

  1. Cloudbusting (Rare Video Mix)
  2. Hounds Of Love (Live)     
  3. Experiment IV (Extended Mix)     
  4. Handsome Cabin Boy     
  5. My Lagan Love     
  6. Burning Bridge     
  7. Not This Time     
  8. Big Sky (Astrological Mix)     
  9. Under The Ivy     
  10. The Wedding List (Live)
  11. Running Up That Hill (Instrumental)     
  12. Hounds Of Love (Alternate Version)     
  13. The Empty Bullring     
  14. Dreamtime     
  15. Cloudbusting (The Organon Mix)     
  16. Passing Through Air     
  17. Lord Of The Reedy River     
  18. Warm & Soothing     
  19. Let It Be (Live)


‘Passing Through Air’ was released on double LP only. A CD with the same front sleeve, also called Passing Through Air, also exists, but has a different track listing.

'Passing Through Air' - LP cover
‘Passing Through Air’ – LP cover