Full name: the Propaganda And Information Network. British punk/dub band, established in 1995. First put together from members of two seminal free festival bands: A.O.S.3 and Radical Dance Faction. The band consists of Phil Pain (vocals and guitar), Captain Ozbert (vocals and bass), Dan The Man (vocals and drums), Steo (vocals and samples) and Eve-Of-Destruction (vocals). Within the first 7 days of forming P.A.I.N managed to book up a 3 week tour, literally writing the set in soundchecks.

They released their first live demo, ‘Prison’s No Place For Punishment’ within the first month of their existence. In 1996, they released their debut album ‘Oh My God! We’re Doing It!’. It was followed in 2000 by the album ‘O.U.C.H. (Our Universe Commences Here)’. The album featured the track ‘Eastern Dub (Wilhelm Reich In Hell)’, which opens with a slowed-down sample of Cloudbusting, which was used without permission.

A limited edition CDR called ‘Bootleg Selection’ was released in 2003.