‘Out Of The Storm’ is a song written by Kate Bush in 1999 for the Disney movie Dinosaur. The track was ultimately not included on the soundtrack. According to the winter 1999 issue of the Kate Bush fanzine HomeGround, it was scrapped when Disney asked Bush to rewrite the song and Bush refused. However, according to Disney, the song was cut from the film when preview audiences did not respond well to the track.

“We never were going to have our dinosaurs sing!” Baker Bloodworth, producer of the movie, explained. “We knew that! At the same time, music is always an important part of our storytelling. It’s emotional, it’s evocative – people latch onto music. Our composer, James Newton Howard, a five-time Oscar nominee, brought sensitivity to the sweet moments of the film and dramatic tension to the dramatic moments. We did experiment with a song sung over the dramatic action. Kate Bush came in. There’s a moment in the film just after Lemur Island is destroyed, and Aladar comes ashore with the five lemurs and they look back at the island and they’re sad, and Aladar says ‘We must move on.’ She wrote a song that was just poignant and beautiful, for that moment. We laid it in. It was beautiful. It didn’t work. It felt out of place.”

The song was eventually reworked by Kate and became Lyra for the movie The Golden Compass.