Compilation album that was released as part of the Remastered box set. This album was not made available separately.
It brings together various B-sides and rare tracks. The compilation is a continuation (and completion) of The Other Side 1.

Track listing

The album consists of the following tracks:-

  1. Home For Christmas
  2. One Last Look Around The House Before We Go
  3. I’m Still Waiting
  4. Warm And Soothing
  5. Show A Little Devotion
  6. Passing Through Air
  7. Humming
  8. Ran Tan Waltz
  9. December Will Be Magic Again
  10. Wuthering Heights (New Vocal)


‘The Other Side 2’ is available on vinyl LP and CD, as part of the Remastered box set.

'The Other Side 2' - album cover
‘The Other Side 2’ – album cover