Nocturne Blue is an art rock band led by Dutch Rall which incorporates elements of post rock, downtempo, dream pop, and frippertronics. Contributing musicians include German composer Markus Reuter, Italian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marco Machera, bassist Tony Levin, Julie Slick, shoegaze queen Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Pat Mastelotto, and Ladonna Man Ray.

They debuted in March 2015 with the album ‘Circle Around The Synthetic Sun’. Their first album ‘I Came For The Light And Stayed For The Shadows’ followed in October 2016. In February 2017 they released the album ‘Under Covers (just for fun)’, featuring a cover version of Running Up That Hill.

In August 2017 the album ‘Outside The Transcend’ was released. In October 2018 they released a cover version of ‘Here Comes The Flood’.