Amiga was a record label for popular music of the VEB Deutsche Schallplatten – a state-owned record company having the monopoly on record production in the German Democratic Republic. In 1994, four years after the unification of Germany, the label became part of the Bertelsmann Music Group.

In 1984, Amiga released ‘Kate Bush’, a compilation album of songs by Kate Bush. Since the record label is mentioned prominently on the front sleeve, this compilation is often simply called ‘Amiga’. 

The back sleeve features a biography of Kate Bush written by Gottfried Schmiedel.

Track listing

  1. Babooshka [single version]
  2. Delius (Song of Summer)
  3. Moving
  4. Saxophone Song
  5. Hammer Horror [single version]
  6. Wuthering Heights
  7. Don’t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake [live version]
  8. The Kick Inside
  9. Violin
  10. The Infant Kiss / Night Scented Stock
  11. Army Dreamers
  12. L’amour Looks Something Like You [live version]


This album was released on LP and tape, but in the German Democratic Republic only.

    Amiga - LP cover
    Amiga – LP cover