Monthly magazine about popular music, published monthly in the United Kingdom. The magazine was first published on 15 October 1993 by Emap. Bob Dylan and John Lennon were its first cover stars. Many noted music critics have written for it including Charles Shaar Murray, Greil Marcus, Nick Kent and Jon Savage. While some criticise it for its frequent coverage of classic rock acts such as the Beatles and Bob Dylan, it has nevertheless featured many newer and “left-field” acts.

Mojo regularly includes a covermount CD that ties in with a current magazine article or theme. In 2004 it introduced the Mojo Honours list, an awards ceremony that is a mixture of readers’ and critics’ awards. Since 2008 the magazine was published by Bauer Media Group.

Kate Bush was the magazine’s cover star on several occasions.

  • The February 2003 issue featured a nine page career retrospective.
  • When Mojo celebrated its 20th birthday in December 2003, Kate sent in a drawing that was used on the front page of the magazine.
  • In December 2005, Kate was interviewed by Tom Doyle on the occasion of the release of the album Aerial. The article spanned 14 pages.
  • In the June 2011 issue there was an 11 page article to promote the release of Director’s Cut.
  • The October 2014 issue, released in time for the Before The Dawn live shows, contained a 20 page article about Kate Bush.
  • In January 2017, an 11 page article was published with the only interview in support of the release of the album Before The Dawn
  • The January 2019 issue featured a 10 page article to coincide with the release of Remastered, using unused fragments from earlier interviews.