‘Misty’ is a song written by Kate Bush. Originally released on her tenth studio album 50 Words For Snow in 2011. At 13 minutes and 30 seconds, it’s the longest track of the album and details a love story between a woman and a snowman.

Music video

There was a short (2 minutes and 24 seconds) animation to accompany a segment from ‘Misty’, entitled Mistraldespair. It was published on 25 November 2011 as part of the promotion of the album.

Kate about ‘Misty’

Well, I think in that particular song obviously there is a sexual encounter going on…

John Doran, ‘A Demon In The Drift: Kate Bush Interviewed’. The Quietus, 2011

It’s a silly idea. But I hope that what has happened is that there’s almost a sense of tenderness. I think it’s quite a dark song. And so I hope that I’ve made it work. But in a lot of ways it shouldn’t because… It’s ridiculous, isn’t it, the idea of the snowman visiting this woman and climbing into bed with her.
But I took him as a purely symbolic snowman, it was about…
No John, he’s REAL (laughs).

BBC4 Radio, Front Row, 2011


Drums: Steve Gadd
Bass: Danny Thompson
Guitars: Dan McIntosh
Piano: Kate
Special thanks to Joel for his guitar