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Song written by James Taylor. He recorded it as the opening track of his 1975 album Gorilla. It was released as a single, with the album’s title track as the B-side, and reached number 49 on the Billboard Hot 100. The lyrics describe a dream of enjoying a night in a Mexican border town. It seems to describe the singer’s first-hand experiences in Mexico but has a twist near the end where the singer acknowledges that he has never been to Mexico, turning the song into a “fantasy about escaping to an exotic land.”

Jimmy Buffett recorded a cover version of the song on his 1995 album Barometer Soup. In his version, he goes off in a stream of consciousness monologue near the end of the song, during which he says: “Gay men in blue jeans – well excuse me, that’s not politically correct, that’s Kate Bush in blue jeans!”.


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