Pat Martin showed an early talent for music. In 1963, he started playing rhythm guitar at all the local youth clubs with The Senders. Three years later, he turned professional backing two black soul singers called Lunar Two. Pat took up the bass guitar and over the next three years, Pat was gigging all over the UK until through 1969 and 1970 he was part of  Billy J.Kramer’s backing band.

The band’s name changed to Unicorn and signed a record deal with Transatlantic Records. Between 1971 and 1977 they released four albums, all produced and played on by David Gilmour. Pat was also hired to play on a trio of demos recorded at Dave Gilmour’s home studio in 1973. Of these, only Passing Through Air was ever released officially.

In 1977, Unicorn become The Volunteers with the addition of guitarist songwriter Rob Jacob and drummer Nico McBain (now of Iron Maiden). Later, Pat joined 60’s band Grapevine for a number of years before joining Down To Earth and, latterly, Fiveplay.

Early this century, Pat formed the Tamla Tigers, a band of eight musicians who play mostly Tamla Motown and soul tracks in the UK.