Colin Lloyd-Tucker started making records and performing in the 1970’s. His early work includes three albums with The Gadgets, a band that also included Matt Johnson from The The. Lloyd-Tucker would make occasional appearances in this band as well.

He released his solo debut album ‘Toybox’ in 1984. Three more albums followed between then and 1995. In 1986, he appeared as one of the aviators in Kate’s music video for The Big Sky. In 1993, he provided backing vocals on Kate’s tracks The Red Shoes and Constellation Of The Heart. In that same year, he recorded an album with Paddy Bush using the band name Bushtucker.

More recently he founded his own label Samphire Records, issuing more solo albums between 2004 and 2012.

Colin Lloyd-Tucker about Kate

I have always found her delightful; she has a quirky, slightly off the wall sense of humor that really appeals to me. I don’t know where people get this idea that she is standoffish, not playing the game and all that, or worse, cut off and going mad. That’s all rubbish, she’s saner than most. I recall that my daughter was freaking out because she had got a splinter in her foot and Kate was cheering her up and helping her through that little crisis. (Colin Lloyd Tucker talks to Helen Mann, summer 2004)