Unofficial CD, released by Orbit Records in 2002. It features various tracks taken from TV and live performances.

Track listing

The album consists of the following tracks:

  1. 1984 Convention Message
  2. What if? (Fruitopia)
  3. Cloudbusting (Techno Diva mix)
  4. Breathing (live)
  5. Comfortably Numb (live with David Gilmour)
  6. Fighting Fruit (Fruitopia)
  7. Do Bears… (live with Rowan Atkinson)
  8. Tokyo Festival Press Release
  9. The Long And Winding Road (live)
  10. She’s Leaving Home (live)
  11. Raspberry Psychic (Fruitopia)
  12. Do Bears… (live with Rowan Atkinson)
  13. Candle In The Wind (Techno Diva remix)
  14. Strawberry Passion (Fruitopia)
  15. Dreamtime (instrumental)
  16. Let It Be (live with Peter Gabriel)
  17. Teaser (Fruitopia)
  18. The Handsome Cabin Boy (Live Jerry Garcia version)
  19. The Message Of Love (Fruitopia)


‘Live And Fruity: Ultimate Collection’ was released on CD only.

'Live And Fruity: The Ultimate Collection' - CD cover
‘Live And Fruity: The Ultimate Collection’ – CD cover