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Liars Dance was a Swiss rock group led by singer Tom Kelly. The group was a continuation of the Tom Kelly Band, who were founded in 1980 and disbanded after a tour of Germany in 1981. Their only album Breakdown was produced by Tom Kelly and Armand Volker and sold exceptionally well for Swiss standards at the time, selling over 15,000 copies so far. The group even scored a hit in Switzerland with the eight-minute epic ‘The Wide Blue Yonder’. A few appearances in Switzerland and Germany, as well as a few television appearances at home and abroad, were enough to make the band a household name in Switzerland within a very short time. Since the band hardly approved any photo material for publication and only rarely and reluctantly gave interviews, there is little material available today to be able to present them in detail.

From 1994 to 1996, Tom Kelly appeared again with Liars Dance after a good 13 years and achieved considerable success with this formation. Liars Dance released two albums: the self-titled debut album (1995) and Mystery Tales (1996), which featured a cover version of Feel It. That track also appeared on an EP which was released digitally in 2021, titled ‘He Sang In His Bath Before He Died’.