For some time in the first half of the Eighties, Kate Bush considered writing an autobiography. She was asked to write a book probably as early as 1980. At first Kate decided not to write an autobiography, but in the course of about a year the idea morphed into a book about her experiences and views, like an exploration of her work. There may even have been a proof text.

Publishers Sidgwick & Jackson actually produced a dustjacket for the book, entitled Leaving My Tracks (pictured here). According to library data, the book was to run 144 pages plus 8 pages of photographs. The official fanclub even announced a release date somewhere in the autumn of 1981.

In late 1983, the project was shelved indefinitely. No autobiography has ever been published. It isn’t even known if Kate ever wrote one or more chapters for the book.

'Leaving My Tracks' - publicity dustjacket
‘Leaving My Tracks’ – publicity dustjacket