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Irish chat show, broadcast by RTE in Ireland. The first episode aired on 6 July 1962, with Gay Byrne presenting. Originally intended as light summer “filler”, the Late Late Show soon developed into a forum for contentious opinion and debate, involving topics such as divorce, contraception and a number of areas hitherto unspoken. In the show broadcast on 25 March 1978, Kate Bush performed her song Wuthering Heights on the show. Byrne would remain host for thirty-seven years, “retiring” at the close of the millennium. He presented his last show on 21 May 1999.

Pat Kenny followed up Byrne, changing many aspects of the show, including the title music, the set design and studio layout. Guests, instead of remaining on, were involved only in that part of the show when the focus was them. A new set abandoned the traditional presenter’s desk. On 27 March 2009, Kenny announced live on air without warning his intention to stand down. He was followed up by Ryan Tubridy, who is the current presenter of the show.