‘Lake Tahoe’ is a song written by Kate Bush. It was originally released on her tenth studio album 50 Words For Snow in 2011.


Although not originally released as a single, a picture disc 10″ single was made exclusively for Record Store Day in 2012 in a limited edition of just 2000 copies. On the B-side the track Among Angels was included.

Music video

Kate wrote and directed a short animated video to accompany Lake Tahoe, entitled Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe. It features five minutes from the 11 minute track, and contains elegant shadow-puppetry.

Kate about ‘Lake Tahoe’

It was because a friend told me about the story that goes with Lake Tahoe so it had to be set there. Apparently people occasionally see a woman who fell into the lake in the Victorian era who rises up and then disappears again. It is an incredibly cold lake so the idea, as I understand it, is that she fell in and is still kind of preserved. Do you know what I mean?

John Doran, ‘A Demon In The Drift: Kate Bush Interviewed’. The Quietus, 2011


Featured vocals: Stefan Roberts, Michael Wood
Drums: Steve Gadd
Piano: Kate
With special thanks to James