Electric dream pop duo from Manchester (UK) consisting of Kyoko Swan and Daniel Broomhall. Swan originally performed solo as Kyōgen, writing and recording in “The Bunker”, an old factory lying in the shadows of Salford’s infamous Stangeways Prison. Using a loop pedal, live shows and early recordings consisted of lush, built up layers of vocals, guitar, and a delay-laden floor tom, creating a lo-fi, home recorded aesthetic.

In October 2014, she released a cover version of Deeper Understanding. It was followed the next month by an original track, ‘Precious’.

With the addition of Daniel Broomhall in 2016, the overall sound shifted and became a combination of contemporary dark electronic rhythms and bassy synthesizers, with ethereal, melancholic melodies remaining at the core.  They released ‘Why So Happy?’ in February 2018 and ‘Ohaguru’ in October 2018.